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Chef Lippe

Delicious 7 Cheese Spread by Rain

Delicious 7 Cheese Spread by Rain

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This wonderful creation was born out of necessity. Invariably, as we sell from whole wheels hand cutting and hand wrapping our cheeses, we end up with odd ends and tips and chunks that are perfectly good for eating but not very good looking. After eating all the odds and ends we could for as long as we could, we still ended up with more cheese than we knew what to do with. So one day Rain sat down with a grater, and concocted this marvel of cheesy ingenuity. I will not tell you the recipe, nor the exact ingredients. I will share that cheeses vary from week to week depending on what we have at hand, and that some staple varieties include Mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano, Provolone and Asiago, This dip is always a hit with crackers, rustic bread, and baked into dishes like lasagna or baked zitti, on stuffed tomatoes, baked zucchini, on burgers, steaks and of course on melts and grilled cheese sandwich. 

6oz Hand Made in sunny Florida USA

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