- Lamb shanks

Dear Chef Lippe

The shanks were delicious
After we finish the rest , my wife plans to make a vegetable soup with any leftover meat. There wasn’t much leftover today they were so good and tender
And use the sauce for the soup with a bit of the Robson

Hercules S.
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- Diana

Everything was 5-star - perfectly prepared and delicious!  From soups, quiche,  pineapple cake, vegetable (casserole yummy!), broccoli and cheese sauce, sooo good potatoes to the grand finale turkey were wonderful! 
I ate with my daughter's family on Zoom! -- 
That's a first! Thank you for making Thanksgiving much to be thankful for! 


- Kellie S.

Because of the current circumstances I was unable to celebrate my friend's 40th birthday with her. After a little research I stumbled across Chef Lippe's site. He assembled the most wonderful basket for my friend. It included cheeses, meats, bread, fruit and an awesome card. He even delivered it on her birthday! The communication was seamless and immediate. I highly recommend Chef Lippe!!!!

 - Hercules S.

Dinner was delicious
Next week for the Veal osso Bucco I ordered.  We would like to have it on afternoon of dec 24 or 25.


 -Thomas Miller blogger review

As someone who eats cheese almost daily, I could not wait to try these gourmet cheeses and compare them to what I’ve been getting from the grocery store.  Most of the stuff you find in your local store has sat in a warehouse until ordered and then it sits in the refrigerated case for who knows how long until purchased or it goes bad.  Chef Lippe, gets most of his cheeses directly from the source, thus cutting out the middleman and bringing you the freshest cheeses to market as quickly as possible. 

Chef Lippe’s love of food started at an early age.  His grandmother used to take him to street fairs and local markets and this is where he was first exposed to gourmet artisan foods.   He can still remember the smell of roasted piglet porchetta with the hints of rosemary and garlic to this day.  As a son of a US Diplomat, he got to travel the world and was exposed to many different cultures and cuisines.  No matter where chef traveled, he always felt at home in the kitchen.  The kitchen is where the sounds and smells were all too familiar and where cross cultures could bond over a shared meal.  Later in life, he became a fashion photographer which allowed him to continue traveling around the world and experiencing cultures through food once more.  This is when he really became engaged in local cuisines around the world and would be the founding stone for his culinary style.  Leaving the fashion photography business in 1999, he traveled to Brazil and found a shack in the islands where he developed it into a calzone tavern and ended with a trattoria.  This is where he began the pursuit of his lifelong calling.  In 2007, he came back to the US and attended the New York Fancy Food Show and came across something known as black garlic.  This encounter helped shape the next few years of his career and he became one of the first importers of it in the US.  In 2010, he started his quest to build a website featuring artisanal food, small batch production, farmstead, homestead, local, seasonal, and hard to find items.  Could I tell a difference in what I tasted?  Absolutely!  They were fresher, saltier, sweeter, smoother and creamier than any other cheeses that I’ve tasted before. You can find Chef Lippe at the local Vero Beach Farmers Market each Saturday morning (rain or shine) from 8 am – 12 noon.  His selection does fluctuate from week to week, so if you want something specific, you can always give him a call and request a specific cheese to be brought to the market.  I also advise you to get there early because he most certainly does sell out quickly.