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Breakfast in America by Chef Lippe

You might think bacon and eggs have been breakfast in America forever, not so. Breakfast in America is the result of a string of personal interests, special interests, and greed. Fasten your belts and read on...

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Croque Monsieur by Chef Lippe.

The story goes that having run out of baguettes for the sandwich of the day, the chef took a loaf of “pain de mie” a type of brioche loaf, sliced it, placed ham and cheese between the slices, and baked it to crispiness...

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Alfredo Sauce. by Chef Lippe

Alfredo is not a sauce. Not in Italy anyway. It is however a method of pasta preparation. Born from the traditional “al burro” or “in butter” an Italian "home cooking" recipe, one of the simplest ways to dress up your favorite pasta. Let me explain. The whole Alfredo story points to Alfredo di Lelio, in 1908 at a small restaurant run by his mother Angelina at the now-extinct Piazza Rosa in Rome, Italy. The story goes that Alfredo’s wife, after giving birth to their first son, had trouble eating. As any good Italian grandmother knows, in a case of lack of appetite, make the food richer, heavier and fattier and serve it in larger quantities! You didn’t know that? Well...

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