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Gouda VSOC Platinum 5 Years - Netherlands

Gouda VSOC Platinum 5 Years - Netherlands

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VSOC (Very Special Old Cheese) has taken Gouda to another level with their Platinum Label. Aged for 5 years, this is a rich, intense cheese! Packed with concentrated flavors of butterscotch, caramel, and notes of pecan with a brittle, crunchy texture. Serve with European-style hams, pickles, and crusty bread. This triple-aged cheese is best enjoyed simply, thinly shaved paired with Whiskey or Port.

VSOC is made to the original Gouda recipe in Holland, using only the best Dutch milk. To make a full wheel, they use no less than 10 liters of milk! After the traditional process, the cheese is matured on wood which draws out excess moisture in their special aging room. Throughout this time, it is regularly hand waxed and turned to ensure that the salt is distributed evenly until it reaches its peak. The result is an extraordinary example of Dutch craftsmanship, following a tradition handed down over many generations.

NOTE: This cheese is very aged and very brittle, we hand-cut it, it might not cut in one whole wedge.

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