Tomme de Crayeuse. Whole wheel, up to 4.2 lb pre order.-Chef Lippe Shop


Tomme de Crayeuse. Whole wheel, up to 4.2 lb pre order.

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Tomme de Crayeuse is a pasteurized, semi-firm, cow's milk cheese from France. "Tomme" refers to a type of cheese from the French Alps and Switzerland. Tomme de Crayeuse is a comparatively recent invention, having been created in 1997 by Max Schmidhauser in the Savoie region of France. Crayeuse means "chalky" in French, and in this instance refers to the somewhat chalky center of the cheese. Crayeuse is made from pasteurized cow's milk in the style of Tomme de Savoie. The rind is gray-brown and suede-like in appearance, dotted with areas of yellow and white mold. The interior paste is slightly off-white and chalky in the middle, extending to a smoother texture towards the rind. Tomme de Crayeuse has gentle and pleasant earthy flavors of damp cellar and mushrooms that are underpinned by a lemony, citrus note. This cheese pairs well with a gentle, smooth red wine such as a Rhône or Pinot Noir. Whole wheel, up to 4.2 lb. Pre-order, allow 30 business days for delivery.