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Shelled Lobster Tails

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Harvested in North-East America, this lobster is of the best quality. Its raw meat is expertly detached using a high-pressure process that results in a higher yield. They are flash-frozen promptly after harvest, which allows them to remain as fresh, smooth, and tender as possible. Already deveined, the tails undergo High-Pressure Processing (HPP), which safely sterilizes them before they are vacuum-packed in detachable boilable bags. The raw lobster meat is tender, ultra-fresh with a unique sea salt flavor. Its use is versatile, whether it is included in carpaccios, ceviche, sushi, or is seared, poached, and oven-baked on its own. The boilable vacuum packs can go directly from the freezer to hot water/circulator for easy thawing or sous-vide cooking. The tail is the meatiest part of the North Atlantic lobster.

Lobster Tails, Raw, Shelled, Flash Frozen, and Vaccum Packed- 2 x 3.2 oz by Rougie, Canada.