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Regulatory Council San Simon da Costa

San Simon da Costa. PDO Spain 2lb

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San Simón da Costa PDO  is a cheese made from raw or pasteurized cow's milk of the Galician blond, Swiss brown, and Friesian breeds in the District of Terra Chá, in the province of Lugo. This cheese acquires its typical ochre-yellow color and aroma through the smoking process, for which only birch from the local woods is used. It is sometimes immersed in olive oil to inhibit the growth of mold. For an interesting twist, the young and smoky San Simón da Costa is best enjoyed with homebaked bread and sweet caramelized apple marmalade.

The Terra Chá region, in the province of Lugo, is one of the biggest and most well-defined in Galicia, consisting of gently rolling countryside framed by the edges of the surrounding mountains. The area is ideal for pasture land, which grows well in the prevailing mild, wet conditions. 2lb