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Blue Roquefort Société French Sheep Cheese 7oz

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Roquefort Société is a semi-soft, unpasteurized, whole, raw sheep's milk cheese from France. In order to be used in Roquefort production, the milk must come from within the Roquefort region, and from the ewes of the Lacaune breed. In accordance with the AOC Roquefort regulations, the production of Roquefort requires whole, raw sheep's milk. It has an ivory-colored paste with emerald-green veining and a creamy, moist texture. Its rich, intense sheep milk flavor balances the blue mold aroma. The secret of Roquefort's manufacture lies in the cellars built in the 17th century. Thanks to the fleurines that allow the air to circulate in the cellars, Société's master cheese-makers are able to maintain the relative humidity near to saturation point. These are the ideal conditions for the development of the subtle and unequaled flavor of Roquefort Société. Roquefort Société is delicious on a baguette, salad, or melted on a steak. Pair with your favorite bottle of Sauternes. 7oz