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Blue Roquefort Papillon Black Label 7oz

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Roquefort Papillon Black Label is a semi-soft, unpasteurized, sheep's cheese from France. It is characterized by its white paste and the streaks of intense blue throughout its cavities. It boasts a rich, flexible, supple, slightly granulated texture accompanied by a balanced and long-lasting salty taste that lingers in the mouth. The Roquefort comes from the famous house of Papillon and is the result of a lengthy collaboration with our Maître Fromager. The family business of Papillon, founded in 1906, is located in Roquefort-sur-Soulzon in southern France and they make their Roquefort strictly according to methods handed down by previous generations. A particular feature of this Roquefort is the use of a special Penicillium Roqueforti which makes the cheese simply incomparable in terms of texture and flavor. Ripened for at least 5 months in the cellars of the Papillon dairy, the Roquefort Papillon is a noble product whose creamy texture and buttery flavor notes are a delight. 7oz