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Picandine en Perigord

Camembert Pico. Goat Camembert Perigord. France 4.5oz

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A unique goat cheese from the region of Perigord in France is creamy and dense, soft-ripened with mold. A goats milk Camembert, Pico is traditional, small, and adorably wrinkled. Pico is uniquely delicious with its own distinctive flavor sporting aromas of freshly hayed barn floor alongside a delicate goaty tang, all wrapped up in butter and mushroom richness. Cheesemakers in Aquitaine gently pasteurize milk and ladle it into miniature cheese forms typical of the French countryside. Within a few weeks, an elegantly creased rind has begun to form, reminiscent of powdered doughnuts. Enjoy with some Calvados!

Round wooden container 4.5 oz.