Pecorino di Montalcino al Tartufo. Piensa Italy. 7oz

Caseificio Barbi

Pecorino di Montalcino al Tartufo. Piensa Italy. 7oz

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Cheese with a straw-colored paste, mixed with shaved truffle mixed into the paste. Aged a minimum of 40 days. Rich tangy slightly pasty taste. Caseificio Dei Barbi belongs to the Barbi winemakers of Brunello di Montalcino, operating continuously since 1790 when Fattoria del Barbi was established by the Colombini family, who has owned land in Montalcino since 1352. Sogno Toscano brings this phenomenal pecorino to you. One of Chef Lippe's favorite cheeses. 

Pecorino from Siena is as Tuscan as it gets. Milk is placed in the Camera Calda where it loses the whey, then the Camera Freda, where it stabilizes, and finally the Cantina, where it ages. Sheep producing the milk in Piensa were brought from Sardinia in the 1960s by the Sardinian farmers who came to work the land. They feed on what grows in the valley, wild fennel, clover, and wormwood, the infamous herb that is a primary ingredient of absinthe. 7oz