Mimolette Vieille 12 monts. Lille France. 7oz

Isigny Ste-Mère

Mimolette Vieille 12 monts. Lille France. 7oz

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Mimolette is a round cheese weighing an average of five pounds. There are several stages available in the market, the “new” around 6 months old, the “old” around 12 months old, and the “extra old” 18 months and over.

I find the “old” 12 months Mimolette the most complex and flavorful with intricate butterscotch notes leaning on grassy and hay overtones. The distinct bright orange color of the paste that makes it resemble a cantaloupe melon is the result of using carotene or annatto in the making of the paste. A sure hit on any cheese board; it also melts beautifully and goes well with wine and beer.

Mimolette was originally made at the request of King Louis XIV of France during the Franco-Dutch war of 1672, as a substitute for popular demand of Dutch-style cheese which was commercially banned at the time.

Made in and around the town of Lille, in North-Eastern France, near the Belgian border. The cheese was known to be a favorite of French President Charles De Gaulle.

Hand cut. Approximate weight 7oz. Weight might vary.