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Chef Lippe

Menudo Ranga Ranga - Andean Tripe Stew

Menudo Ranga Ranga - Andean Tripe Stew

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If you have ever had the chance to walk into a “picanteria”  in the Andes region, and been lucky enough that the dish on the stove was ranga-ranga, you have smelled the sweet fragrant fumes of a dish that takes fourteen to twenty four hours to make. Although Menudo is popular in Arizona, Texas and New Mexico, it is also widely popular in the Andean region of South America, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. This is where our dish comes from. Honeycomb tripe or “libro” is the lining of the second stomach of a cow, and is the protein I use to make my menudo, it is tender and tasty. Garlic, onions and other spices simmer for a long time, then hominy and potatoes are added along with spices.

Serves 2 Guests. Made to order. Never frozen

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