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Oscar Gonzales

Leonora Goat - Leon, Spain 7oz

Leonora Goat - Leon, Spain 7oz

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Named for its home region, Leonora® is a prime example of the recent renaissance in Spanish cheesemaking. Oscar Fernando Marcos Gonzalez created the soft-ripened, brick-shaped cheese, loosely basing it on a traditional cheese from Galicia known as Babia and Laciana. Using milk from his own herd of Alpine Murciana goats, he also sources his milk from 2 farms, always from the Murciana breed. This ash-covered cheese has a natural-mold-rind which envelops a compact white paste. Although the center of the cheese is firm, it melts smoothly on your tongue and helps create the cheese’s signature bright, lemony flavor through the process of lactic fermentation. The lush cheese balances complexity, acidity, and richness, with a mushroomy cream line that develops as the cheese ripens. It exemplifies how Oscar is part of a new generation of cheesemakers that respects traditions but isn’t afraid to innovate and expand the definition of what constitutes a great Spanish cheese.

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