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Le Délice du Jura - Reblochon. Jura, France 1 lb.

Le Délice du Jura - Reblochon. Jura, France 1 lb.

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This cheese from Jura, France is made by Badoz, a family run fromagerie founded in 1960, who also make Reblochon AOP. Members of the family have made cheese since the 1830’s.  As a fromagerie, Badoz uses the milk from a number of fruitières or small, independent dairy farmers in the region, as well as milk from their own farm.   The cheese ages in an adapted mountain railroad tunnel. where it is turned every two days and washed with brine or whey to speed the aging process. This forms a velvety, yellowish rind on the cheese. The cheese itself has a creamy texture, a nutty aftertaste, and a delicate herbal aroma. This exquisite aromatic cheese is a relatively scarce find in the United States, so take advantage of it while you can! 1 lb.

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