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Blue La Peral Azul -Asturias, Spain 7.5oz

Blue La Peral Azul -Asturias, Spain 7.5oz

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La Peral is a blue cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk by cheesemakers Esther Alvarez and her husband Jose Luis Lopez in a distant area of Asturias in northern Spain where the lush green valleys provide perfect pastures for dairy cattle. It is named after a local village.

The cheese is matured for 2-4 months in natural stone cellars beneath the dairy. The cheese has a delicate natural rind with a soft paste and light blue veins. When young, La Peral is firm, moist with a somewhat granular texture. With age, the paste becomes soft and slightly weepy as it loses its moisture. Flavors are wonderfully delicate in its initial ripening days. It acquires a full, slightly spicy flavor as the days advance. It is smoothly piquant with a strong olive flavor and a pungent aroma. Slightly crumbly, its texture becomes creamier at the finish. 7.5oz

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