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Jasper Hill

Harbison. Jasper Hill, Vermont. USA 5.5oz

Harbison. Jasper Hill, Vermont. USA 5.5oz

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Harbison is a unique offering from the talented cheesemaking team at Jasper Hill. This cheese borrows its name from Anne Harbison, held by many to be the grandmother of the town of Greensboro, Vermont (home to Jasper Hill's renowned aging cave). Harbison (the cheese) is a bark-banded, bloomy-rind cheese whose milky sweet, nutty flavor is balanced by the complex herbal and woodsy notes infused by the spruce band that runs its circumference. The spruce wood is taken from trees that grow on Jasper Hill Farm. The interior texture is spoonable but not runny, a marked contrast to the expertly developed rind. The variety of flavors present here represent the quality of the milk alongside the unique expression of terroir from the bark. We enjoy pairing it with sparkling wine, apple cider, or an IPA.

Made from pasteurized cow's milk. Awarded 1st in the Soft-Ripened Cheeses category by the American Cheese Society.

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