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Chef Lippe

Goulash in a bread bowl

Goulash in a bread bowl

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Although Hungary takes credit for the fame of goulash, the truth is that it is a dish celebrated throughout Eastern Europe. In Hungary, goulash is served as a soup. The goulash Chef Lippe makes is more of a stew, typical of the Balkans. Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, and the whole area including Poland.

Pieces of meat with bone, like shanks and shoulders, are set to slowly boil in seasoned water for hours until soft. The resulting broth is corrected for seasoning, then vegetables are added. Carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and aromatic herbs. Sometimes, depending on what regional variety he is making, beer or wine are added to the simmer. Finally, paprika is added almost at the end. This is a trick not known to many. Paprika is very delicate, if you boil it the whole time, it loses its flavor and aroma and you lose the soul of the dish. At this point, you have a creamy velvety stew that would make a babushka proud. Includes two bread bowls. 

Some regions mix small pasta (soup size) into the stew. A portion is available separately.

 Serves 2 guests. Made to order. Never frozen.

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