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Gjetost Cheese. Goat-Cow Cheese. Norway

Gjetost Cheese. Goat-Cow Cheese. Norway

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When Gjetost is made, the milk is slowly cooked until it is caramelized. This gives the cheese its brown color and sweet flavor that has just a hint of saltiness.

Some versions of gjetost are made only from whey; others are made from a mix of whey, milk, and cream. Gjetost can be made from only goat's milk or from a blend of goat and cow's milk. There is not a huge flavor difference between all these versions.

The texture of gjetost is smooth and firm but a little gooey, not unlike a real caramel or a piece of fudge.

Gjetost is often sliced and served on toast for breakfast. Gjetost is also great for breakfast because it's a cheese that pairs well with coffee. It travels well and is a good cheese to keep in your pocket while skiing or take on road trips and camping trips. The cheese can also be served as dessert.

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