Foie Gras Mousse Royale with Maple Syrup 4.9oz


Foie Gras Mousse Royale with Maple Syrup 4.9oz

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To make you enjoy the taste of Foie Gras dishes, Rougie selects only the best foie gras of 100% corn-fed duck liver. Whether you use this Foie Gras Mousse with Maple Syrup to prepare ravioli with foie gras for a family dinner or tasty foie gras snacks for a party, you will have no trouble impressing your guests. This 100% whole duck foie gras parfait makes for a completely ready-to-eat delicacy that is accompanied by a mild sweetness of maple syrup. Rougie prepares this delicate, melting foie gras mousse through the processing of high-quality lobes of Duck Foie Gras with milk cream, egg foam, and a drop of maple syrup. Developed by Chef Martin Picard, an iconic Québec Chef who specializes in the use of foie gras and maple syrup in every dish, this product is ideal for serving on toasts or as a center-of-the-plate appetizer. That is why it is easy to sculpt your culinary masterpieces using it.

To Serve  

After opening the Mousse, warm-up a dessert spoon with hot water and scoop out spoon-sized portions. Serve slightly chilled, with or on top of French bread or brioche or in a salad. In order to enjoy the full taste of this delicacy, do not spread it. Garnish it with sweet berry or spicy herbal sauce and accompany it with a chilled French dessert wine.

Bon Appetit!