Escargot Helix Pomatia Linne - Wild Burgundy - France-Chef Lippe Shop
Escargot Helix Pomatia Linne - Wild Burgundy - France-Chef Lippe Shop

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Escargot Helix Pomatia Linne - Wild Burgundy - France

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HELIX POMATIA LINNE.  The Wild Burgundy escargot has long been a culinary delight of famed restaurants and gourmands around the world. The Helix Pomatia Linne is famed as the highest quality escargot of the 116 varieties and is now available exclusively form Sarl Henri Maire and La Maison De L'Escargot. With exclusive rights to import these Wild Burgundy Snails, you will not find a better escargot anywhere in North America.

VERSATILE IN THE HOME KITCHEN  Wild Burgundy escargot are not only used for antipasto. As a tasty and highly versatile protein, they can be used in pasta, soups, salads, dumplings, kabobs, and as a topping to many fish and other meats. Featured in Tom Kellerâ's Bouchon Cookbook, they are a favorite of many chefs around the world.

WILD NEVER FARMED Our escargot are wild-caught and never farmed, exclusively from the Burgundy region of France and famed for their taste, quality, and size. They are harvested in the wild and delivered live where they are hand-sorted by size, washed, and prepared using a method dating back to the ancestral French standards perfected since 1938.

SUSTAINABLE Long term Wild Burgundy Snail sustainability is important to us. Our harvest is conducted annually during April & May as the snails emerge from hibernation. This harvest has been practiced for centuries dating back to Roman times to protect these wonderful creatures from over-harvesting. We also take care to restrict harvesting size to ensure future reproduction and population size. 

HEALTHY PROTEIN Compared to Filet Mignon Beef, Wild Burgundy Snails contain up to 1/10th the saturated fat and 48x the calcium! A fully healthy protein, these escargots are also super high in calcium, copper, and zinc and are delightfully rich in flavor to boot!