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Chef Lippe

Coq au Vin

Coq au Vin

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This emblematic dish of French cuisine, originally from Auvergne, has deep roots and a long history. Tales tell that around 52 BC, while Julius Caesar was pushing to invade Gaul territory in the Roman siege of Gergovia, during the Gallic Wars, comprising parts of what today are France, Belgium, and Switzerland, Vercingetorix, head of the Arverne tribe, is reported to have sent Caesar a rooster, symbol of pride, aggressiveness, and stamina (le coq) ahead of their meeting, Caesar in return, served Vercingetorix the bird braised in wine. Caesar had his legions kicked out of Gaulle, defeat from which they would never morally recover, but left a deep imprint in the gastronomic universe of the region. Today Chef Lippe, not hoping to grab hold of a French rooster replaces the bird with a perfectly fine American chicken, shallots, champignons, potatoes, carrots, and other seasonal veggies and spices. Vive Les Gauloise!

Serves 2 guests. Made to order. Never frozen.
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