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Chorizo de Sarta Original (Mild). Spain. 7.9oz

Chorizo de Sarta Original (Mild). Spain. 7.9oz

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Sweet pimentón (paprika) from the La Vera valley in Western Spain is the key flavor to this delicious dry-cured sausage. Garlic, pork, and salt are the only other ingredients to this all-natural sausage. It sports pronounced umami derived from the marriage of its spices.

These classic pork chorizos are seasoned with sweet smoked Spanish paprika (pimentón). It is this signature smoked pimentón which makes Spanish chorizo unique in the world. These sausages are fully dry-cured and ready to slice and serve with your favorite cheese and wine - or simmer them in red wine for an incredible appetizer.

Chorizo Dulce, Mild Sausage - 7.9 oz by Palacios, Spain.

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