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Chef Lippe

Choripán Argentino - Argentine Sausage and Relish Sandwich

Choripán Argentino - Argentine Sausage and Relish Sandwich

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Although Choripán is consumed in other countries like Chile and Brazil and is popular in Miami in various forms, this Choripán is the version traditional to Argentina and Uruguay. A grilled sausage finds a home in a small French bread and is dressed with "chimichurri" a relish made from dried oregano, dried parsley, and sometimes dried basil, hydrated with olive oil and vinegar and a little dried calabrese chili flakes.

Choripán is street food in Argentina. Taxicab drivers in Buenos Aires are avid consumers and some street sellers can gather a long line of cabs during lunchtime when drivers get their lunch break.

One sandwich with chimichurri. Made to order. 

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