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Sage Derby Cheese. Derbyshire England.

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The first production of Sage Derby began in the seventeenth century in England. Sage Derby was initially only made for festive occasions such as harvest time and Christmas, but it is now available year-round. It is made by steeping sage into the curd, before marbling it into the forms mixed with natural Derby.

Derby cheese is a mild, semi-firm British cow's milk cheese made in Derbyshire with a smooth, mellow texture and a buttery flavor. Like most traditional British cheeses it was produced exclusively on farms and was typically sold at a younger age than its more famous cousins Cheddar and Cheshire. It has a pale, golden orange interior with a natural or waxed rind and ripens at between one and six months. In many respects Derby is similar to Cheddar in taste and texture, but with a softer body (it doesn’t go through the cheddaring process) and slightly higher moisture content. When young it is springy and mild but as it matures subtle sweet flavors develop and the texture becomes firmer. Enjoy Sage Derby with your favorite beer.

Hand cut, 7oz approximate weight. Weight may vary