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Cas Arrigoni

Formai de Mut. Alta Valle Brembana. Bergamo, Italy. 22lb

Formai de Mut. Alta Valle Brembana. Bergamo, Italy. 22lb

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Formai de Mut is produced on the alpine pastures of the Upper Brembana Valley, in the Orobic Alps in the province of Bergamo, Italy where the pastures are full of excellent quality forages. The milk produced on the mountain pasture has ideal characteristics for cheesemaking and is processed in the summer in the huts of the herdsmen where it also undergoes the first stage of maturation before being transferred to the maturing rooms at the bottom of the valley.

There are no exact data on the birth period of this cheese, certainly, the production of Formai de Mut began a few centuries ago in the Upper Brembana Valley.

The term formai del mut could literally translate into “mountain cheese”.
In the local dialect, the word mut does not indicate the mountain but the mountain pasture and is found in expressions such as ndà al mut (go to the mountain pasture) or cargà 'l mut (load that is to lead the cattle to the mountain pasture), typical of the language of the herdsmen of Upper Valley Brembana who worked in the “casere” or mountain shelters. Alta Valle Brembana. Bergamo, Italy. 22lb

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