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Blue Cambozola Black Label Triple Crème Camembert/Gorgonzola Cheese. Bavaria 7oz

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Hand cut. Approximately 7oz. Weight might vary.

If a handsome premium Camembert would fall in love with a beautiful ripe blue Gorgonzola, they would have a baby called Cambozola. That is exactly what happened at Käserei Champignon in The Allgäu region of Bavaria.

Cambozola Black Label is a premium blue soft-ripened cheese with a beautiful grey mold exterior.  Skillfully manufactured, with a particularly long maturation at a low temperature makes this a family favorite. The cold ripening method gives Cambozola Black Label its fine aroma and wonderful creaminess. Cambozola Black Label is aged longer and colder than the classic Cambozola, which makes it even creamier and stronger in the blue notes. You can easily recognize this triple crème soft ripened cheese by its beautiful grey exterior mold and yellowish interior speckled with blue veins.