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Le Chatelain

Brie Le Chatelain. Vosges France

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Brie Le Chatelain is made in Les Vosges mountains in eastern France from a traditional French recipe that was passed down from generations of cheese makers. The milk is from cows that roam free on grassy hills and aren’t injected with rBST. This silky brie is earthy and has just the right tang. This soft, bloomy rind cheese has a snowy white rind, rippled with soft brown.  The interior paste is buttery yellow and has the consistency of buttercream icing. The paste has a vegetal aroma evocative of freshly blanched broccoli.  Its rind smells mushroomy.  To the touch, the rind is dry while the paste is wet and pliable.

Brie Le Chatelain has a wonderfully creamy texture on the tongue.  The paste is smooth and slightly runny and tangy, perfect to complement a cold Lambrusco with its playful sweet notes of berries, a rosé wine or an IPA beer.

Hand cut. Approximately 7oz. Weight might vary.