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Brie de Meaux. Meaux, Brie France

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Hand cut. 7oz approximate weight. Weight might vary.

Driving about fifty kilometers east outside of Paris, you enter a world very different from the cosmopolitan fuzz of the City of Lights. It is a collection of rolling hills and meadows speckled by tranquil happy herds of cows munching on perfectly green pastures. Meaux is right in the middle of this countryside of Brie.

Brie I think needs no introduction. It is part of the holy trinity of French cheeses. Evidence in the chronicles of Charlemagne suggests the tasting of Brie by the Emperor in the year 774. It is also said that King Louis XVI wished to have a taste of Brie de Meaux cheese before stepping onto the guillotine in 1765.

Any way you look at it Brie de Meaux is a personality all by itself in the universe of Brie cheeses available today.