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Wisconsin River

Sausage Bison Landjäger smoked. Wisconsin USA. 8oz

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Made in rural Mauston Wisconsin by two meat guys, John Hamm and David Bauer and their fantastic team using local game, natural casings and virtually no preservatives other than smoke, these thin sausages are typical of Switzerland, Germany and Alsace. Also known as “hunter sticks” due to the habit of hunters packing them in their shoulder bags. This  small single serving smoked sausage is popular with hikers, and is sold at most ski resort convenience stores in the Alps as a convenient way skiers can take a snack up to the slopes without having to come back to the village in the middle of the day for nourishment.

Bison is a lean and vitamin packed protein, endangered to extinction at one point, it is today a thriving trend. Native American nations have relied for centuries on “Tatanka” and its generous gift of nourishment. You can enjoy this privilege as well and thank the mighty bison. Pair it with a cold beer or your beverage of choice.

6oz naturally encased links, approximately six units.