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Bœuf Bourguignon

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This traditional French-country dish did not get its name because it is from Bourgogne, as it appears in many regions of France but because it is braised in red Burgundy wine. Typical of what I call French “bas cuisine” (as opposed to “Haute Cuisine”), Bœuf à la Bourguignonne is a hearty wholesome stew. The type where you put all the ingredients in the pot, put the pot on very low fire, and can go tend the vines, make cheese, herd the sheep, the fields, and when you come back it is ready, beautifully fragrant, inviting, impossible to resist. The dish prepping is somewhat complicated, like a palette for a painting, but instead of colors, you are dealing with flavors. Rendering bacon, caramelizing shallots, browning champignon in sweet butter, searing beef, usually the toughest cut, until golden brown and crispy, chopping garlic, slicing carrots, and adding baby potatoes, it requires time. Once in the pot, the cards have been dealt. Thyme, tarragon, and rosemary will push against the potent sage, and will marry in a harmony of aromas, tastes and textures, will produce meat so tender, a sauce so velvety, vegetables so creamy, that you will be captured forever by Bœuf à la Bourguignonne.

Serves 2 guests. Made to order. Never frozen.