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Thomas Hoe

Blue Stilton. Nottinghamshire England

Blue Stilton. Nottinghamshire England

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Known as "King of English Cheeses" Blue Stilton was first sold at a coach stop in the village of the same name in the early 1700s in Cambridgeshire, England (nearly 80 miles north of London) while it was produced in nearby Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, or Derbyshire. Stagecoach routes from London to Northern England passed through Stilton which allowed the cheese to gain popularity quickly. The village of Stilton became famous for Blue Stilton cheese which was once referred to as "English Parmesan". During this time, Stilton was a hard cream cheese that had a reputation for quality, perhaps due to the use of whole milk to which cream was added. By 1936, the Stilton Cheesemaker's Association was formed in order to protect the quality and origin of Stilton cheese. In 1966 Stilton became the first British cheese to receive the certification trademark which offered name protection for Stilton. Stilton must be produced in Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Nottinghamshire in order to be sold under the Stilton name. Interestingly, the village of Stilton is not permitted to produce the cheese, as it is not located in these areas

Currently, only six dairies are licensed to produce Stilton Cheese. Blue Stilton must be unpressed, allowed to form its own crust, and produced in the traditional cylindrical shape, with blue veins extending from the center. Blue Stilton is ideal in soups, salads, and dips, dressings, and sauces. Sweet wines pair particularly well with Stilton such as Port or a sweet sherry. Blue Stilton, in wheel or crock format, is a very popular Christmas Gift in the UK.

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