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Black Sea Bass (two whole fish) 5lb

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A favorite in some of the finest dining rooms in the country, the Black Sea Bass is a species of supreme quality and choice flavor. Its tender, mouthwatering flesh is fit for the most formal of occasions, as well as the backyard grill.

Unlike the Striped Bass, which winters in rivers and estuaries, the Black Sea Bass is purely a marine species. It is common from Massachusetts to Florida, but the greatest numbers can be found off the coast of the Mid-Atlantic States. They are often discovered near undersea structures, seeking shelter near reefs and other offshore rubble. The back of the fish is gray, dark brown, or blackish, while the belly is lighter in color. Pale streaks run along the dorsal fin and its sides. The larger fish can grow to five pounds, but the average size is 1.5 to 3 pounds, and rarely exceeding 12-18 inches in length. Most black sea bass are hermaphroditic, beginning life as females, and then transforming into males by the time they reach three years of age.

Our bass is sourced primarily from the Virginia-North Carolina region. The primary harvest methods are otter trawls and fish pots, but hook and line fishing is prevalent as well, as the black sea bass is a popular target for recreational fishermen. All will agree that this fish is well suited for both casual and fine dining, as the moist, sweet white flesh is suited for many types of preparations, including baking and pan-frying. The skin is also quite delicious, especially when fried to crispy perfection. Little else is required to turn this simple fish into a memorable entrée.