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Batarekh - Egyptian Royale Bottarga - Cured Mullet Roe 4.41oz

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Bottarga is a delicacy of salted, cured fish roe. The best-known version is produced around the Mediterranean. This Egyptian Batarekh is cured less time than its European counterparts, therefore sporting a creamier brinier texture. Bottarga production is first documented in the Nile Delta in the 10th century BC during the rule of Pharaoh Amenemhat. Made chiefly from the roe pouch of grey mullet, it is massaged by hand to eliminate air pockets, then dried and cured in sea salt for a few weeks, resulting in this delicious umami-packed product. It is eaten thinly sliced or grated over food.

Batarekh - Egyptian Bottarga 4.41oz by Supreme Bottarga