Brisling Sardines Smoked in Olive Oil 4.25oz-Chef Lippe Shop
Brisling Sardines Smoked in Olive Oil 4.25oz-Chef Lippe Shop


Brisling Sardines Smoked in Olive Oil 4.25oz

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Sardine is a general term that applies to any small, oily fish within the herring family. The name came from Sardinia, a Mediterranean island that was one of the first areas to pack these fish for commercial consumption. Unlike other sardines, brislings are a specific species of fish, called sprats. They only live in icy northern waters.

Brisling sardines are small fish that inhabit the North Atlantic. Gourmets around the world consider brislings the tastiest, highest quality sardines available. At 3 inches to 4.5 inches in length, full-grown brislings are less than half the size of other sardines. Smaller adult fish are more delicate and tender, according to Keri Glassman, creator of The Sardine Diet. 

Brislings live in clean water, such as the Norwegian fjords, where the fishing industry is strictly regulated. The fish are known for their purity and taste.

Wild caught in the Baltic Sea, Naturally wood smoked and hand packed in olive oil.