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Vacherin Cheese. Jura France

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Vacherin is traditionally made between the months of September and February, when the pastures of the Jura Mountains suffer from the heart of winter, the cattle is brought down to the valleys and housed in barns. These cows are the ones supplying the milk for the making of Comte cheese while pasturing in the mountains. While in confinement, they are fed a forage and grain mixture. The milk resulting from these conditions is used to make Vacherin.

To fully enjoy Vacherin, you should heat it in a pre heated oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for twenty minutes, or until liquid inside. Do so keeping the cheese inside its original packaging. Make sure you place it on a baking sheet and remove any plastic in the packaging. Great with small baked potatoes and a crunchy baguette. White wines are usually good companions to Vacherin.

Wooden boxed. – Seasonal – 7oz